Curt Frankenstein is a well known painter and a printmaker, who came to the Chicago area from Germany when he was 25. He attended the American Academy of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Otis Art institute of Los Angeles. Subsequently he took courses in Lithography under Max Kahn at the Art Institute and in Etching under Hedi Bak at Studio 22 in Chicago. Long time resident of Wilmette, IL, where he had a studio and print shop with his own etching press. Curt Frankenstein first succeeded in selling his paintings in 1954 at the 57th Street Art Fair. He participated in art fairs ever since, sometimes attending as many as six per year. A Surrealist Painter: It was during the 1950s when abstract art was the attraction that Frankenstein found his calling. He was devoted to representational art, and after viewing surrealist paintings at the Art Institute, it was clear where his passion lied. Frankensteins’s paintings tell a story. Paradoxes and Mysteries, he liked the tension between fantasy and reality. He used familiar images in unfamiliar surprising ways. His paintings are realistic, but at the same time not real. His aim was to break up accustomed views of the world and to suggest that there is more to reality than meets the eye.